Account Address Generation

General Description

The payment identification mechanism in Echo is implemented by creating unique addresses for a single account. This enables receiving payments to a single account, providing users with different addresses to identify them or identify the product/object this payment is related to.

The generated addresses are an alias for the account and are regarded by the network as transfers between the sender and the recipient’s account who owns this address. Addresses can only be used to receive payments and cannot be used to send outgoing payments.

API Methods and Operations

Address Generation

In order to generate an address, the account_address_create_operation must be sent from the account you want to create a new address for. Using this operation you can specify a label - a string value that will be bound to the generated address.

IMPORTANT: the label associated with the address will be seen by all members of the network and is not private information.

To Return All Addresses

In order to get the list of addresses for the account, use the API method get_account_addresses(account_id,from,limit). The method will return all the addresses associated with the account, and their labels, if they were specified.

To Return the Account by Its Address

Use the API method get_account_by_address(address) to return the account tied to the specified address.