Echo x86-64


The purpose of x86-64 smart contracts in the ECHO blockchain is to allow owners of ECHO accounts to create and run smart contracts implemented in any high level programming language that can be compiled into sequence of x86-64 instructions.

x86-64 VM is developed as a part of the ECHO blockchain which is acting as a isolated runtime environment for the x86-64 smart contract. x86-64 VM can execute smart contract uploaded into the ECHO blockchain by emulating 64 bit processor hardware and x86-64 instruction set.

x86-64 smart contract along with the x86-64 virtual machine allows developers to implement smart contracts for the ECHO blockchain with complex data structures, algorithms and calculations using the full set of features provided by the selected high level programming language.

Development, deployment and execution of the x86-64 smart contract includes the following steps: - write the smart contract using high level programming language in any development environment familiar to the developer - compile and link smart contract into 64 bit ELF executable - run the resulted executable through the repackager utility program provided along with the ECHO blockchain package - upload the contract into ECHO blockchain - call smart contract with provided parameters and get the return result stored in the ECHO

These steps are covered in detail in the following sections.

Smart contract implementation

x86-64 smart contract development

Smart contract can be written in any complied programming language including C++, ADA, D, Eiffel, Go, Haskell, Pascal, Rust. For the details on each of the programming language please refer to the corresponding section. Developers of the x86-64 smart contracts have access to the following features for implementation of the contract:

Several classes/functions are provided allowing easy development of the smart contract

  • string, vector, hashmap
  • cryptographic functions (to be defined)
  • debug output functions
  • functions for accessing the blockchain, persistent storage, contract parameters and for returning the result from contract

Compilation and linkage

In order to receive the x86-64 bytecode of the contract developer should run the source code through the compilation and linkage toolchain available for the particular high level programming language. For the set of supported toolchains please refer to the corresponding section.

Debugging of x86-64 smart contract

Debugging environment is provided in order to help developers to test their smart contracts before deploying into the ECHO blockchain. It allows developer to run the contract on the local environment, get the return result, analyze debug outputs from the contract. Generating 64-bit ELF executable.


The executable generated during the previous step should be passed through the repakager utility which is a part of smart contract development environment. Command line example for repakager

./repakager contract contract.out

Uploading of smart contract

User should upload the bytecode of the contract to the ECHO blockchain. See below for the example of command uploading the contract through his wallet.

create_contract <username> <bytecode> 500 ECHO "" false true true

Once the contract is uploaded it can be executed.

Executing smart contract

x86-64 Smart contract uploaded into ECHO blockchain can be executed as ordinary smart contract. Contract parameters represents a byte array where all the parameters are concatenated. Strings are delimited with 0 value (char '\0') or two characters "\0"

Example of executing smart contract

call_contract <username> 1.16.0 "get_balance(\"1.2.16\",\"1.3.0\")" 0 ECHO 1 2000000 true true