Withdraw from an account which has published a withdrawal permission.

This operation is used to withdraw from an account which has authorized such a withdrawal. It may be executed at most once per withdrawal period for the given permission. On execution, amount_to_withdraw is transferred from withdraw_from_account to withdraw_to_account, assuming amount_to_withdraw is within the withdrawal limit. The withdrawal permission will be updated to note that the withdrawal for the current period has occurred, and further withdrawals will not be permitted until the next withdrawal period, assuming the permission has not expired. This operation may be executed at any time within the current withdrawal period.

Fee is paid by withdraw_to_account, which is required to authorize this operation

memo field is optional.

JSON Example

    "fee": {
      "amount": 0,
      "asset_id": "1.3.0"
    "withdraw_permission": "1.12.0",
    "withdraw_from_account": "1.2.0",
    "withdraw_to_account": "1.2.0",
    "amount_to_withdraw": {
      "amount": 0,
      "asset_id": "1.3.0"
    "extensions": []