Login API

The functions here should be called as follows:

{"id": your-id, "method":"call", "params":[1,"function-name",[params...]]}

for example:

{"id": 1, "method":"call", "params":[1,"login",["", ""]]}

login(string user, string password)

This must be called prior to requesting other APIs. Other APIs may not be accessible until the client has sucessfully authenticated.


Option Description
user Username to login with
password Password to login with


true if logged in successfully, false otherwise


> {"id": 1, "method":"call", "params":[1,"login",["", ""]]}
< {"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":true}

API Methods

Enable and retrieve enabled API indentifier

API Description
database database_api implements the API for the chain database
block block_api has only a get_blocks method for getting multiple blocks
network_broadcast network_broadcast_api allows broadcasting of transactions and blocks
network_node network_node_api allows maintenance of p2p connections including consensus monitoring
crypto crypto_api implemets crypto helper functions
history history_api implements the RPC API for accounts, contracts, orders and markets history
asset asset_api access to asset holders and asset balances


Working exactly the same for all API's. Example for database_api:

> {"id": 1, "method":"call", "params":[1,"database",[]]}
< {"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":2}