Asset API

get_asset_holders(string asset_id, int start, int limit)

Retreive the information about the holders of the specified asset.


  • asset_id ID of the asset to retreive, a string that look like 1.6.
  • start The acount id to start retreiving from
  • limit Limit to that much accounts (max 100)

An array of information about asset holders, that has the following structure:

        name: "owner name",
        account_id: "1.2.<accout-id>",
        amount: amount-of-shares
}, ... ]

get_asset_holders_count(string asset_id)

Retreive the number of holders of the provided asset.


An array of all asset IDs with the number of holders.


An array of the following structure:

        asset_id: "1.3.<id-of-the-asset>",
        count: number-of-holders
}, ...]